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Division of Elections

Voting Systems

About Voting Systems

A voting system is a method of casting and processing votes that functions wholly or partly by use of electromechanical or electronic apparatus or by use of marksense ballots and includes, but is not limited to the procedures for casting and processing votes and the programs, operating manuals, supplies, printouts, and other software necessary for the system’s operation [Section, 97.021(44), F.S.].

A voting system configuration, certified for use in Florida, consists of a specific set of hardware and software components that as a whole, meets the requirements of Florida Statutes and the Florida Voting System Standards. A voting system configuration has three main elements: the election management system, the precinct count system, and the central count system.

Effective, January 1, 2014, Section 101.5605(3), Florida Statutes, requires persons submitting voting systems for approval or vendors of such systems to provide the Florida Department of State with information about their registered agents, who must maintain an office in the state. Any person owning or interested in an electronic or electromechanical voting system may submit it to the Department of State for examination. The Florida Voting System Standards provides a guide for applicant to seek voting system’s approval.

Information forwarded to the Department for review is subject to public inspection and copying pursuant to Florida’s broad public records law, Chapter 119, Florida Statutes.  If any information that you forward to the Department constitutes a trade secret, or is otherwise confidential or exempt from the public records disclosure requirements of Chapter 119, you must designate such information as trade secret, confidential, or exempt by adequately marking the materials prior to submitting them to the Department.  If you have any questions regarding the designation and marking of such materials, please contact the Department before you submit them.  It is your obligation to maintain the secrecy of trade secrets and other confidential information by adequately marking such materials before they are forwarded to the Department.

The links in the box on right provide information about Florida’s certified voting systems and the form for a vendor to provide their registered agents.

Last updated September 26, 2013