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Division of Elections

About Campaign Financing

  • Search for Filed Campaign Documents

    Campaign documents include qualifying documents, correspondence, audits and Florida Elections Commission activity on file with the Division of Elections.

  • About Campaign Finance Reporting

    By Florida law, campaigns and committees are required to disclose detailed financial records of campaign contributions and expenditures. This page explains Who must file reports; What must be disclosed; and what limits apply.

  • Filing Campaign Reports
  • Candidates and political organizations must file certain campaign reports throughout the election cycle. This page includes helpful information on the electronic filing of campaign reports.

  • About the Campaign Finance Database

    Candidates and Committees file their financial reports with the FDOS, Division of Elections. This information is then entered into a database for the public: this page gives detailed information on the Database.

    • Data from this database can be queried from 4 different areas:

    • Political Committees and Parties

      Search this Database for information on Campaign Finance activity for Committees and Parties, also available in this database is addresses, chairman, treasurer, deputy treasurer and registered agent for each Committee or Party.

    • About Campaign Finance Report Items

      Information on this page explains the campaign finance report items and results columns on queries created from the contribution and the expenditure records.

  • Reporting Date Calendars
  • This includes reporting calendars for political committees, candidates and state executive committees.

  • Public Campaign Finance

    The Election Campaign Financing Act took effect on January 1, 1987 and provides for matching contributions received by candidates for governor and cabinet offices. As provided for in Chapter 106, Florida Statutes, distribution of funds to candidates accepting public campaign financing is administered by the Florida Department of State (FDOS), Division of Elections.

    Data tables showing matching funds distributed to candidates in the 1994, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2006 Elections.

  • Officeholder Statements of Solicitation List

    This list includes names of certain officeholders who solicit or accept contributions from organizations exempt from taxation under s.527 or s.501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code. Section 106.0701, Florida Statutes, requires candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, cabinet offices, state legislature, and the current officeholder of such offices to submit a statement of solicitation for such organizations for or from whom they solicit or accept contributions. Statements of solicitation for candidates for the designated offices can be found online within the candidate’s campaign documents on the division’s webpage that lists the candidates.